College Dorm Room Decor - Decorating on a Dime!

So you're finally moving out. You're a little scared, hesitant maybe, anxious and full of possibility. Starting fresh can be overwhelming, but need not be scary. 

Lets face it. College dorms are not exactly known for their feelings that portray warm and cozy.

Following these suggestions will help you decorate the perfect space.

1) Bedding - Go for comfort here. Although sleeping on 1000 thread Egyptian cotton feels amazing, it may not necessarily be in the budget. Find a nice, simple, cotton sheet set, match it with a nice dust ruffle and pick a coordinating bedspread to match your room. Bed-in-a-bag's are great as the coordinate all the elements of home decor while remaining friendly to the budget. 

2) The mattress - College dorms usually come with a mattress. They are hard, lumpy and very firm. These babies have been purchased with longevity in mind. Your can replace it, but I recommend instead buying a simple mattress topper. Memory Foam is sooo comfortable and you can find tons of options online and in stores on a budget.

3) Rugs- You will want to find a nice rug to sit on for those all night study sessions. Rugs also keep the floors warmer, add a splash of colour to the space and invite conversation with drop-in visitors. Go for gusto here. Don't be afraid to play with colour and texture. Find something that displays your fun personality.

4) Accent furniture - Most dorms come with a hard chair. Fine for sitting at a desk, but not so great for reading a book. Lets face it, you're gonna be doing lots of reading! More than you want or ever thought possible. You will need a good comfy chair. Slipper chairs are perfect for corner spaces, are super comfy to read on and add a touch of class. Smaller wingbacks too can offer the same elegance and sophistication but have good armrests to handle those heavy texts.

5) Drawers - You're going to need storage! Nobody wants to see your junk and research on studying habits find those with organized rooms when studying, do better on test scores. Be fun, creative, chose funky handles and even paint up an old dresser to match your style.

Moving out on your own can be an adventure. By following these 5 simple tips, you will be ready to tackle the world of moving into a dorm with style. has many items at amazing prices to help ease into this transition. Amazing prices means more money to spend on beer - err... books!

Written by Alicia Elliston CEO Horseshoe Home Treasures