• Summer Decorating 101

    Summer decorating is fun, easy and always puts me in a great mood! The key is using light fabrics, bright colours, durable patterns and whimsy desi...
  • Protecting your Hardwood Flooring in the Fall

    Fall is one of my favourite times of year. Fall means comfy clothes, cups of hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows of course) and the all the beau...
  • College Dorm Room Decor - Decorating on a Dime!

    So you're finally moving out. You're a little scared, hesitant maybe, anxious and full of possibility. Starting fresh can be overwhelming, but need not be scary. 

    Lets face it. College dorms are not exactly known for their feelings that portray warm and cozy.

    Following these suggestions will help you decorate the perfect space.

  • Home Staging on a Budget

    Selling your home is a very emotional process. Whether you are moving on to a bigger place, downsizing, splitting up or having troubles with finances, its a buyers market and you need to sell your home - fast. Your home is your biggest asset and each day it sits on the market, costs you money. 

    Click the link to see how you can make more money selling your home.

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