Selecting the Perfect Rug: The Basics

Everyday I get asked many questions regarding recommendations for rugs in different spaces. These questions range from "what are the care instructions for a jute rug?" to "What do you have for under the bed thats cheap?". 

Picking the perfect rug is not rocket science. In todays fast paced real estate market, some people actually spend more time thinking about a rug for their space, than they do on finding the right home.

Here are a few considerations to help you pick that perfect rug for your perfect space.

1) First consider the size of your room. The size of a rug is the number one, and arguably, the most important decision you will have to make. Too small a rug in a room may look out of place and too large will have it unbalanced. Think of the last time you went into a house with wall-to-wall jute or pink zebra print; my sentiments exactly!  However, the right size rug will make any room look absolutely stunning.

2) The next decision is to think of what type of texture you want in the room. Natural fibres are durable, in-lays can sometimes shimmer in the sunlight, shag rugs are beautiful but not especially pet friendly, heavy traffic areas may wear the rug quicker etc. Think of your lifestyle and where the rug will be placed. 

3) The third decision is to pick the colour.  A good rug should be the piece you want other pieces to compliment; not an after thought. Most importantly, don't be afraid of colour! Colour draws the eye in and can soften a room. It can leave an otherwise stark room seem homey and comforting. 

4) The final decision is design and pattern. Rugs vary greatly here. They come in geometric designs, two-toned inlay, floral and the list here is endless. Look for inspiration in the rest of your house. Is it colonial, contemporary, modern etc. Are there any repeating patterns? Pick up on these subtle cues and go for it.

Picking the perfect rug is not a life-or-death decision! Breathe... Its O.K. to be playful, have fun and be inspired by the world around you! Go with your heart, be bold, show your personality and pick what makes YOU happy. After all, true friends will only judge you if you run out of wine!

By Alicia Elliston, CEO, Horseshoe Home Treasures Inc.